Veteran Startup Online Course

13 Easy Steps for Veterans to Turn Their Ideas into a Thriving Business

Free for veterans, our online course consists of 13 easy steps  to turn your idea into a thriving business.

Matt Richter-Sand, instructor of entrepreneurship at LMU and UCLA and co-author of The Agile Startup, created a step-by-step system that shows you exactly what you need to do to turn your million dollar idea into a thriving business.  The course is a comprehensive system that covers the 13 steps you need to take to get your business off the ground.

The 13 steps

  • Get the Philosophy & Mindset of a great entrepreneur
  • Create a Product or Service with a winning value proposition
  • Determine the Feasibility of your idea
  • Make a Profit with a proven Business Model
  • Break down the Market
  • Analyze the Competition
  • Create an effective Marketing Plan
  • Assemble the right Team
  • Build a  Financial Model with projections
  • Learn effective Pitch and Sales techniques
  • Fund Your Business with Investors & Bankers
  • Get your Legal, Taxes, and IP squared away
  • Build the Business by setting it up for growth

Veteran Startup Workbook

In addition to the course content, you get a workbook that helps you put everything you learn into action immediately. The workbook mirrors the course content and helps hold your feet to the fire. You’ll be asked questions and apply the lessons to your company right away.

We Guarantee You’ll Succeed

If you are hitting road blocks as you go through the course and get your business started, our individual consultants will work with you personally to help you move your business forward.

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Veteran Startup

Veteran Startup is dedicated to helping veterans start and build businesses of their own. Starting a business immediately reduces veteran unemployment in two ways – the business owner is employed, and most veteran-owners make it a point to hire other veterans. In addition to reducing veteran unemployment, running a business gives the veteran a strong sense purpose. and makes them a valuable contributor to society.

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