It’s not easy to write killer copy. Whether you are writing for your website, packaging, or an advertising campaign, writing copy that sells can be unexpectedly challenging. Realize we’re talking about copy that sells, not necessarily great copy. You might find that short, terse sentences sell much better than poetic, profound paragraphs.
The secret to writing copy that sells is to get inside the head of your ideal customer. Write from the customer’s perspective. To do this, ask questions:What do they care about? What do they not care about? What causes them to buy? What inspires and frustrates them? Some marketers go so far as to create personas, which describe their ideal customers in excruciating detail.
Knowing how your target customers think and feel will allow you to view the buying decision from their perspective. You’ll be able to understand why certain benefits resonate with customers more than others, and how to influence them more effectively. You will be able to properly frame your benefits and clearly articulate how you’re different than the competition. See the world from your ideal customer’s perspective to write copy that sells.

Veteran Startup

Veteran Startup is dedicated to helping veterans start and build businesses of their own. Starting a business immediately reduces veteran unemployment in two ways – the business owner is employed, and most veteran-owners make it a point to hire other veterans. In addition to reducing veteran unemployment, running a business gives the veteran a strong sense purpose. and makes them a valuable contributor to society.

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